Thursday 23 June 2016

On This Day ... 23 June 1967


On this day in 1967 filming was completed on the fourteenth Carry On film, Follow That Camel. An epic production filmed both at Pinewood Studios and the glamorous location of, erm, Camber Sands, this foreign legion comedy divided fans then and now as it was released without the Carry On title and featured an unusual and high profile American guest star.

While never in my top ten of favourite Carry Ons, it still has it's moments. To celebrate 49 years since filming wrapped, here are five reasons why I love Carry On Follow That Camel!


1. Follow That Camel sees a delightful comedy partnership develop between two of my favourite Carry On stars - Jim Dale and Peter Butterworth. Jim was a main player in the team by 1967 and this film provides another excellent showcase for his brilliant comic timing and masterful physicality. As a bonus, Camel also gives Peter Butterworth some of his best screen time in the series, bagging a major role and providing Jim with some terrific and scene stealing support.

2. Angela Douglas. Always a high point in these 1960s costume Carry On capers, her role as Lady Jane Ponsonby is one of her best. I love her cut glass upper class accent and her timing is perfect. She is wonderful as the archetypal English rose and as usual, her chemistry with Jim Dale is sublime.


3. The wonderful cafe owner Zig Zig provides Joan Sims with a tremendously earthy, raunchy cameo. Sadly restricted to just a few scenes, Joan grabs every opportunity to make her mark and does a terrific job. "I have a good ass, no?"

4. Follow That Camel saw the Carry On debut of valuable supporting actor Julian Holloway. Julian pops up as a very cheeky train inspector who offers to punch Lady Jane's ticket! This brief cameo would lead to seven further appearances in the series for Julian, who at one point looked like taking over from Jim Dale as the series' romantic lead.

5.  Another Carry On debut in this film came from singer and star of countless musicals, Anita Harris. Anita played the gloriously named duplicitous belly dancer Cork Tip (!) and delivered a terrific performance as the sultry Egyptian! I can easily see why Anita was asked back for a bigger role in the next film, Carry On Doctor.


So there you have it, five reasons why I love Follow That Camel. To celebrate 49 years since the film was finished, why not pop on the DVD tonight and enjoy some top quality comedy performances from Jim, Peter and the rest of the gang.

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