Sunday, 29 March 2015

Carry On Forever Weekend TV Schedule

As all Carry On fans will know, ITV3 is devoting the Easter Bank Holiday weekend to all things Carry On. The jewel in the crown will be the much heralded, brand new Carry On Forever three part documentary, narrated by Martin Clunes.

So what's happening? Here's some of the information I have:

Friday 3 April:

07.55 - Carry On Don't Lose Your Head
09.45 - That's Carry On
11.40 - Carry On Screaming
13.35 - Carry On Again Doctor
15.25 - Carry On Matron
17.15 - Carry On Henry
19.05 - Carry On Jack

21:00 - Carry On Forever Documentary - Part 1 (featuring Bernard Cribbins, Juliet Mills, Liz Fraser, Shirley Eaton and Rosalind Knight).

22.00 - Carry On Cruising

Saturday 4 April:

07.40 - Carry On At Your Convenience
09.30 - Carry On Loving
11.20 - Carry On Jack
13.10 - Carry On Cowboy
15.10 - Carry On Screaming
17.05 - Carry On Follow That Camel
19.05 - Carry On Cleo

21:00 - Carry On Forever Documentary - Part 2

22:00 - Carry On Camping

Sunday 5 April:

08.05 - Carry On Cruising
09.55 - Carry On Again Doctor
11.45 - Carry On Henry
13.35 - Carry On At Your Convenience
15.25 - Carry On Loving
17.15 - Carry On Matron
19.05 - Carry On Up The Jungle

21:00 - Carry On Forever Documentary - Part 3

22:00 - Carry On Girls 

So what do you think of the schedule? Any films you think should be included that aren't? Comment below!

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  1. A bit disappointed to be honest. No black and whites for a start, no Khyber, several repeats when they could show loads more. Yes, I have them all anyway but it's not very representative of the series as a whole, is it? It's only the documentary I'm interested in now, which will hopefully be great!

  2. I agree with you. Some glaring omissions and too much being repeated. I'd like to have seen Khyber, Abroad, Spying, Nurse and Cabby.

  3. Some of my favourites are the black and whites (although not Jack!). I remember being mesmerised and inspired when I was a kid seeing Teacher on TV and I went away and made up my own wacky cast of characters for my own version of Teacher! Another fave of mine is Cabby. I don't think mainstream TV channels know that monochrome was a thing once (but don't get me started on that!).

  4. I agree with you, the black and white carry ons have their own unique charm and innocence. My absolute favourite is Cabby. I love the story and Hattie was given a brilliant role. I wish they would show them more often.