Friday 24 February 2017

Carry On Gogglebox?


Sometimes I do my best thinking last thing at night before I fall asleep. The trouble with that  is that I often can't remember those blindingly good ideas when I wake the next morning. However this one has stayed with me and I think it would be great fun. 

I love the Channel 4 series Gogglebox. The show features families and groups of friends watching snatches of the weeks' television and providing their own unique takes on it. It is often more entertaining that watching the shows themselves! There is a growing tend for this style of television with the BBC running a series featuring stars of EastEnders watching themselves back on screen years after they filmed the scenes. UKTV Gold are also broadcasting a series which sees well known faces from the world of comedy get together to watch classic clips from well-loved sitcoms.


So why not produce a Carry On version? I know we've had countless documentaries and televised tributes to the Carry Ons over the years but this would be an interesting new take. The closest we've had to this has been the DVD audio commentaries ten or more years ago which saw Robert Ross watch each of the films with some of the surviving stars as part of a package of additional DVD extras. And very entertaining most of them were too.

A Carry On Gogglebox treatment could be great fun. Wouldn't it be great to see the likes of Jim Dale, Angela Douglas and Anita Harris get together again on screen to view some of their scenes in the wonderful mid-60s historical and medical Carry Ons? Or how about Barbara Windsor, Anna Karen and Sandra Caron coming together to watch themselves together in the classic Carry On Camping? Sally Geeson and Carol Hawkins could Carry On Abroad once more while Liz Fraser and Amanda Barrie could view their performances in Carry On Cabby. I'd love to see Barbara and Bernard Cribbins reunite to see Carry On Spying together one more time.

So what do you think? Would you watch a Carry On Gogglebox?

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