Monday 23 October 2017

Two Joans Meet Coward

Here's a delightful little curio for your Monday afternoon. I remember reading in Joan Sims' autobiography "High Spirits" that she had once appeared in a Noel Coward television play alongside Joan Collins. Joan S remarked in her book that Joan C was a delight to work with and took on the dowdy role she was given in the play with genuine relish.

Well that play, Fumed Oak, has turned up on YouTube. It formed part of a series of one act plays broadcast on television back in the early 1990s, introduced by and starring Joan Collins. This play by the Master focuses on a dull commuter marriage, of a middle aged man who spends his life travelling back and forth from his dull job to his dull, horrible family. Joan Collins plays the wife, her real life ex-husband Anthony Newley plays the husband and Joan Sims plays the truly awful mother in law!

It's most certainly worth a watch and provides yet another glimpse into the always fascinating, diverse career of not just one, but two legendary Joans.

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