Sunday 15 April 2018

Remembering Kenneth

Today marks thirty years since the comedy legend Kenneth Williams very sadly passed away at the age of just 62. I'm too young to remember that day in 1988 but despite this, thirty years seems to have passed by alarmingly quickly.

It says a great deal about the man and the impact he had on so many people, in so many ways, that he is still very fondly remembered in 2018. Kenneth still has legions of fans and if anything, his talent is even more appreciated now than during his lifetime.

Kenneth is quite simply a legend. I know he'd hate that but that's what he is. The star of 26 Carry On films, of iconic radio series such as Hancock's Half Hour, Just A Minute, Beyond Our Ken and Round The Horne. He endeared himself to the nation on countless chat shows, on Jackanory and Willo The Wisp. He was a star of revue on the West End stage as well as countless plays. He worked in the theatre with Maggie Smith, Edith Evans and Ingrid Bergman. Although he was often down on his talents, his life and career, much of what he achieved has endured and become iconic.

Away from the limelight, the man himself has become equally legendary. The publication of his diaries in 1993 and his letters the following year revealed a thoughtful, intelligent, sometimes difficult and troubled but always thoroughly entertaining man. He was an original and a one off. There will never, ever be another Kenneth Williams.

So here's to you Kenneth: you are still loved, admired and remembered.

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