Friday 4 January 2019

Celebrating Butterworth and plenty more besides: Carrying On in 2019!

2019 is upon us. Didn't that come up quickly! Anyway, I have been planning out what I want to write about on the blog in the first part of this year and I thought I'd give you a sneak preview of what I want to cover.

I have a few immediate projects I want to crack on with and first of amongst them is celebrating the brilliant Mr Peter Butterworth. If you've read the blog at all over the past four years you'll know I'm a huge fan of Mr B, surely one of the best comedy actors ever to grace British film and television? Peter appeared in sixteen Carry On films and countless spinoffs over the years and is often overlooked in favour of 'bigger' personalities like Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor. For me though, he's top quality, always reliable and a regular scene stealer. In this, Peter's centenary year (he was born on 4 February 1919) I want to write a series of blogs celebrating each of Butterworth's brilliant Carry On film roles.

I have also decided to write a new series of blogs which aim to pick out my ultimate, favourite of favourite performance in each of the thirty original Carry Ons. Not an easy feat I'll grant you but I'm going to give it a good go! Hopefully the results will spark friendly debate amongst fans!

And finally, I want to look at some of the saucier competition the Carry Ons faced in the 1970s. We all know Peter Rogers tried to compete with the changing attitudes in British cinema at the time and failed miserably, but what about the films which were succeeding? And which Carry On faces jumped ship to sail with them? I'll be taking a look at some of the most (in)famous of those. 

And hopefully, time permitting, I'll be able to write a few more blogs profiling the lives and careers of some of the less well known comedy actors to appear in the Carry Ons over the years.

So plenty to get my teeth into in this, my fourth year of Carry On Blogging. I hope you'll stay with me, read, comment and Tweet away merrily as you've done before. I can't wait. 

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