Saturday 16 February 2019

Happy Birthday Ian Lavender!


The youngest member of the original Dad's Army team celebrates a milestone birthday today! Yes, Ian Lavender, that stupid boy, turns 73! Many happy returns to him. Ian was back on the big screen last year having filmed a cameo role in the new version of the BBC sitcom classic.

To Carry On fans, Ian is familiar for his supporting role as Joe Baxter in Carry On Behind. While I love Behind and think it is the last great Carry On, I do think Ian is wasted in the film and barely gets a look in. Ian is quite clearly brought in as the next generation Jim Dale with Adrienne Posta playing his wife as a bubbly blonde Barbara Windsor type. I think both actors did well in their roles and I believe they were asked back for the next film (or at least on the casting list) but sadly neither joined in again for Carry On England.

I think Ian Lavender was ideal casting for a Carry On, bringing that much needed youthful comedy. He may not have had the same comic physicality as Jim Dale but he was certainly a welcome addition to the team. At the time Ian was branching out into several other low brow British comedy films including roles in Confessions of a Pop Performer, Adventures of a Taxi Driver, Adventures of a Private Eye and Not Now, Comrade. All classics I'm sure you'll agree (!)


Thankfully Ian is still flying the flag for British comedy today and is still as busy as ever. Whatever he is up to today, I hope he has an excellent birthday. 

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