Tuesday 9 April 2019

Carry On Forever over the Easter Weekend

To round off the special Easter Weekend of Carry On comedies, ITV3 are giving their 2015 documentary Carry On Forever another airing. I loved this three part series when it was first shown and it definitely stands up to repeat viewing. The series was first shown around the time I started this very blog so I have a real soft spot for it.

Carry On Forever, narrated by Martin Clunes, who himself appeared in Carry On Columbus in 1992, tells the story of the Carry On series by running through the original films in chronological order. This makes it a very satisfying experience for us loyal fans and the story is told with love and great affection. The three hours also allows plenty of time to explore the Carry On legacy even it it does gloss over a couple of the films (for my money Carry On Behind deserved much more time in the programme, but I digress).

As well as classic clips, the series features interviews with an impressive roster of actors who appeared in the series, many of whom are taken back either to Pinewood Studios or to locations where they so memorably carried on. Over the course of the three episodes we hear from Jim Dale, Fenella Fielding, Angela Douglas, Amanda Barrie, Shirley Eaton, Liz Fraser, Bernard Cribbins, Sally Geeson, Margaret Nolan, Alexandra Dane, Julian Holloway, Rosalind Knight, Patrick Mower, Georgina Moon, Juliet Mills, Jacki Piper, Anita Harris, June Whitfield, Valerie Leon and original writer Norman Hudis. Interestingly, the series also sees Robin Le Mesurier, Jeremy Connor, James Bresslaw and Tyler Butterworth reflect on the lives and careers of their famous, talented parents. 

For me, the highlights are seeing the stars go back on location. It was amazing to see Fenella return to the building used as her scary mansion house in Carry On Screaming; to see Angela Douglas back in North Wales where Khyber was shot and Liz Fraser return to Pinewood to the studio where she shot Carry On Cruising with Dilys Laye. And my favourite moment? Bernard Cribbins back at Frensham Ponds where scenes for Carry On Jack were filmed, enjoying a surprise reunion with the lovely Juliet Mills, his co-star who he hadn't seen in many years. It was joyful and uplifting and fun. 

So check out Carry On Forever once more on ITV3 over the Easter Weekend. It's on at 10pm on Good Friday, Saturday and Easter Sunday.

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