Saturday 15 October 2016

Vamps & Vampires from Art & Hue's new Hammer Horror Pop Art collection


Art & Hue had the pleasure of diving into Studiocanal’s extensive library of production and publicity photography at Pinewood Studios to create this group of exclusive pop art prints in homage to classic Hammer Horror films.

If there are three characters that are most associated with classic horror films, it has to be Dracula, Frankenstein, and the Egyptian Mummy.

Monsters, mummies & vampires were a winning cinematic combination for British film production company Hammer, and, with a cast of beautiful women, vamps could also be added to the successful formula.

Valerie Leon, Kate O'Mara and Anouska Hempel were some of the vamps who featured in the Hammer films and have inspired Art & Hue's new collection of stylish pop art prints, which also features strongman David Prowse and horror stalwart Christopher Lee.

An official collaboration with Studiocanal, Art & Hue has delved into the archives to pay homage to classic Hammer horror films with this collection of ten stylish pop art prints, in Art & Hue's signature halftone style, available in a choice of three sizes & 22 colour options.

Inspired by the cult 1971 film "Blood from the Mummy's Tomb", as well as Hammer's 1970 double bill of "Scars of Dracula" and "Horror of Frankenstein", this Art & Hue pop art collection is printed on archival matte card of 310gsm, made from 100% cotton, using fine art pigment inks.


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  1. Valerie Leon. Need I say more?

    1. Haha oh hello Jason...yes I know you have a bit of a soft spot for Val! ;)