Monday 4 July 2016

Rare footage of Kenneth Williams


Thanks to @70sStreetFan on Twitter for alerting me to this rare gem. Network have very kindly shared their latest discovery on the interweb and it features none other than Carry On favourite Kenneth Williams. 

This short film was due to form an interview with the wonderful Mr Williams to help promote his latest work. Recorded in 1977, Kenneth had recently filmed scenes for the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore big screen outing The Hound of the Baskervilles. Much of Kenneth's experiences from this film are recorded in his diaries and as with a great deal of his working life, the movie started off with great promise and quickly and rather sadly became a bit of a disappointment (at least where Kenneth was concerned)!

This interview was filmed for The Electric Theatre Show although the vast majority of the content has never been seen before. Interviews featuring Kenneth Williams are hardly few and far between but for his legions of fans, any opportunity to see their favourite star in action is irresistible. Many of the anecdotes have been heard before but it's always entertaining to hear Kenneth recount the infamous story of him filming the love scene with Joan Sims in Carry On Up The Khyber.

It is also lovely to hear Kenneth talk with great affection about the legendary Carry On director, Gerald Thomas. It is obvious, listening to him talk about Gerald that the pair were close friends and that Williams completely respected Thomas. Kenneth also gives a fascinating insight into the kind of director Gerald was. Anyway, it's well worth a listen and you can do so by clicking below!


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