Sunday 3 July 2016

Who should return for Carry On Doctors? The result!

After several false starts in recent years, a brand new Carry On film is supposedly going into production later this year. The film, titled Carry On Doctors (not to be confused with the original Carry On Doctor) will start filming later this summer for a 2017 release. Not only that, it is already being heralded as the beginning of a whole new series of films. Another title, Carry On Campus, is being lined up to go into production hot on the heels of Doctors.

According to the producers, the film will be aiming to create a brand new ensemble of British comedy actors and not attempting to find the next Sid James or Kenneth Williams. Just as well really as in my opinion the entire Carry On team were one off talents and completely irreplaceable. I do like the idea of the new series allowing new comedy talent to thrive and find its niche.

I've already heard rumours that no surviving stars will be involved in the new film. I'm in two minds about this. While I think a new generation of creative people should be in charge of such a project, the film will inevitably sink or swim depending on how it is received by the Carry On films' loyal fan base. Surely if you are resurrecting the name Carry On, you must use it as an opportunity to give longstanding fans an unexpected treat. While I think new blood should carry the film, what about a few sparkling cameos would give the traditional Carry On audience something to cheer for and really get them onside. 


With that in mind and delving into Carry On fantasy land, I wanted to throw this question open to loyal Carry On fans. If you could choose, which surviving Carry On actors would you love to see appear in Carry On Doctors? I narrowed it down to fourteen of our favourite stars and I asked you to vote for your favourites. So here are the results!  Over 500 votes were cast so thank you to everyone who took the time to vote.

And the Carry On star you would most like to see return for Carry On Doctors is ... Jim Dale! The Dr Nookey actor scored 12.86% of the vote. Coming a close second is Jim's regular co-star Barbara Windsor with 12.42% of the vote. And finally, coming up in third place was Bernard Cribbins with nearly 10% of the vote.


Here are the rest of the runners up in order of popularity:

Angela Douglas
June Whitfield
Jacki Piper
Liz Fraser
Amanda Barrie
Valerie Leon
Anita Harris
Carol Hawkins
Fenella Fielding
Julian Holloway
and bringing up the rear ...  Shirley Eaton

So there you go - do you agree with the results? Whatever you think of the prospect of a new Carry On, the opportunity to see some of our favourite comedy actors back on the big screen is surely irresistible!


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