Wednesday 18 January 2017

The A - Z of Carry On Characters - A is for...


This is the first blog in a new series for Carry On Blogging looking at some of the best and most memorable characters in the Carry On films. I have already written a series looking at some of the best remembered supporting actors and this will be a similar A-Z format but based on my favourite character names.

Let's start at the beginning today with A and first of all, A is for Allcock! Where better to begin than with one of Joan Sims' most memorable performances, as the gloriously pert and prim gym mistress Miss Sarah Allcock. 

Miss Allcock was Joan's second role in the Carry Ons. Following her winning performance as trainee nurse Stella Dawson in Carry On Nurse, Sims was invited back for more fun with the gang in early 1959.  With Shirley Eaton absent from Teacher, it was down to Joan to fill the glamorous female lead role and she did it with ease. Miss Allcock is best remembered for those splitting shorts during the rather prim Joyce Grenfell-inspired gym class with the girls. As is Leslie Phillips' woolfish reaction! 

Joan and Leslie made for a great romantic pairing in Carry On Teacher although infamously, Leslie's pronunciation of Joan's character name caused havoc with the censors. They asked for him to deliver it as flat as possible, however as Leslie himself admitted, the flatter it became, the filthier it got! 

Without a doubt Joan's role as Sarah Allcock cemented her position as the first lady of Carry On. After this role Joan was definitely a firm favourite with both fans and those in charge of the series. It was a pivotal role for my favourite Carry On actor.

A is also for...


...Anthea, the gorgeous Glam Cab driver brought beautifully to life by future Coronation Street star Amanda Barrie in Carry On Cabby.

...Gregory Adams, the bumbling love-struck science teacher played by Kenneth Connor who fell for Rosalind Knight's stern school inspector in Carry On Teacher.


...Allbright, the irritating union rep at Speedee Cabs, played by reliable character actor Norman Chappell in Carry On Cabby.


...Nurse Georgie Axwell, the cheeky young nurse and co-conspirator with Joan Sims' Nurse Dawson in the first medical film in the series, Carry on Nurse. Played by Susan Stephen.

...Aristrocratic Lady, the nose in the air Rolls Royce passenger who is aghast at Charlie Hawkins' cockney cheek at the start of Carry On Cabby. Played of course, by the very posh and wonderfully named Ambrosine Phillpotts.


...Len Able, Sergeant in Carry On England - the male romantic lead in that dire film, played by well-known television actor Patrick Mower.

...and finally, the majestic Belle Armitage, without a doubt one of Joan Sims' finest Carry On roles - the glamorous, no-nonsense saloon bar owner in the wild west comedy Carry On Cowboy.


Stay tuned for the next in this series when we tackle more memorable Carry On characters. And if you can think of any more, get in touch!

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