Tuesday 10 January 2017

Fenella Fielding's New Audio Book of Memoirs

Photo Courtesy of White Windmill Photography
As I've mentioned several times over recent weeks and months, the legendary Fenella Fielding has been performing extracts from her forthcoming audio book of memoirs. The shows at the Phoenix Artist Club, in association with the lovely people at Misty Moon, have been absolutely tremendous and with three left in the run, I'd highly recommend you get along to one if you can.

Fenella will be recording her memoir in full as an audio book which will be available for fans to buy later in the year. You can now pre-order your copy from Fenella's website where you can also pre-order a new Photo Booklet with images from Fenella's career. I'm thrilled to confirm that the memoirs will include a chapter all about Fenella's involvement with the Carry On films:

Fenella's memoirs includes a chapter about the Carry On Films in which she says: “I’m always surprised by the amount of energy and love that Carry On fans invest in their adoration of the Carry On films.  Particularly, I’m always amazed that I’m singled out because I only did two films; ‘Carry On Regardless’, my first, is just episodes and I’m only in one of them.  I seduce Kenneth Connor’s character to make my husband jealous… it’s all a bit much for Kenneth, especially when my husband catches us.  The other one was a leading part… this one seems to have a glow that never leaves it.  People just love it…  ‘Carry On Screaming’.”

Fenella goes on to say what it was like to film Carry On Screaming… the role she’s so well remembered for… Amazingly, Fenella was only on set for three weeks.  Fifty years later, five year olds who’ve seen her in it come up to her in the street and say, “Do you mind if I smoke?”  Then they run away!

You can find out more about the shows Fenella is performing at the Phoenix Artist Club here

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