Friday 29 September 2017

Robin Askwith Takes to Twitter - for one day only!


Excellent news - the legend that is Mr Robin Askwith will be taking to Twitter next Sunday, 1 October! To be quite honest with you, anything could happen! Robin, never shy of speaking out or telling a few tales, will take the reigns of the lovely Tracy Crocker's account for just one day only.

Many on Twitter have been campaigning for Robin to launch his own Twitter account however after speaking to him earlier in the year, it's clear he's a bit cagey of signing up for real. Despite this, Tracy has been doing a sterling job of posting some classic and little seen photos from Robin's life and career and it's clear he still has a big fan base out there. Robin has had a long, varied and successful career on film, television and on stage with hits including the film of Bless This House, Carry On Girls, If, Britannia Hospital and of course the Confessions films. On television we've also seen him in Benidorm, Coronation Street and Casualty among many others.

And don't forget Robin will be back in the UK for a special one man show at the Phoenix Artist Club on Tuesday 10 October. You can find out more about that here

Also, you can check out my interview with the man himself here and here 

So give Tracy Crocker a follow on Twitter and watch out for Robin's social media take over next Sunday! It's bound to be a right Carry On!


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