Friday 16 February 2018

Passport to Fame: The Diana Dors Story

Although not strictly Carry On-related, I couldn't resist sharing the news that a new biography of the late, great British actress Diana Dors has been published by Book Guild Publishing. I've long been a fan of Diana Dors and her rich and varied acting career in some of the best of British film and television is equally as enthralling as her fascinating private life.

Huw Prall explores the fascinating career of the late Diana Dors in this enchanting biography

“Britain’s answer to Marilyn Monroe”, this tag was to hang around Diana Dors’ neck during the 1950s. However, as she would often point out, she had been working professionally a lot longer than Monroe. Her first appearance was in 1946 in The Shop at Sly Corner, while still a student at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. Diana, like Marilyn, was blonde, curvy and sexy, but that’s where the comparison ended. Her range as an actress was broad – from comedy blondes to evil old hags, and even Greek tragedy in theatre.

She had a prolific career encompassing theatre, cabaret, film and TV. She was also a talented writer, compiling two autobiographies and three A–Z books.
With exclusive images and anecdotes, Passport to Fame is a comprehensive study of Diana’s work across her 40 years of filmmaking. Delving into her personal life, it is a must-read for fans of Diana, as well as those interested in the changing face of the film industry.

Huw Prall trained as a classical dancer before going on to study allied dance forms, acting and singing. He has worked in both classical and musical theatre, as well as in film and television. He teaches at several London Drama Schools and is Head of Dance for the Education Department at Shakespeare’s Globe. He is a member of the Royal Academy of Dance and is a Fellow and Life Member of the International Dance Teachers’ Association, to name a few.

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