Wednesday 28 February 2018

Carry On Originals: Shirley Eaton

This is part of a new series of blogs looking back at the stars of the original Carry On film, Carry On Sergeant. 2018 marks 60 years since Sergeant was made and released so what better time to turn the focus on all those brilliant actors who brought our favourite series of comedy films to life?

We're continuing with an actress who became to the Carry Ons' first leading lady: Shirley Eaton

Role in Carry On Sergeant: Mary Sage

Other Carry On roles: Shirley returned for a starring role as Nurse Dorothy Denton in the following film, Carry On Nurse, also filmed in 1958. At the end of 1959 she returned one last time for a cameo role in Carry On Constable as Sally Barry.

Other notable film performances: Shirley also starred in two Doctor films: as Milly Groaker in Doctor in the House (1954) and as Nan in Doctor at Large (1957). Eaton also played Shirley Hornett in Sailor Beware! (1956); Melissa Right in The Naked Truth (1957); Jill Venner in Dentist On The Job (1961) and Linda Dickson in What A Carve Up! (1961).

Best remembered for: Without a doubt, Shirley is best remembered for her supporting role as Jill Masterson in the classic 1964 James Bond film, Goldfinger, which saw her character suffer a memorable demise, painted gold.

Did you know?: Shirley married Colin Rowe in 1957 and had two sons. She retired from acting in 1969 in her early thirties to concentrate on family life. 

What happened to her?: Spending a lot of her later life in France, Shirley returned to the UK following the death of her husband in 1994. Although not returning to the acting profession, Shirley continues to appear in documentaries and at fan conventions.

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