Tuesday 27 March 2018

Carry On Faces in Different Places: I've Gotta Horse!

Here we go with another in my series of blogs looking at some of the cream of British comedy film making from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Although this blog is all about the Carry Ons, believe it or not, there were some other joyous comedy films made away from Peter Rogers Productions. However, given the quality of the actors Peter employed to make his series, it's no wonder that most of them popped up elsewhere.

So far I've looked at the wonderful 1959 crime caper Too Many Crooks , the 1954 domestic comedy starring Dirk Bogarde, For Better For Worse , the big screen spin off Please Sir! and the wonderful Up Pompeii and the brilliant John Gregson and Diana Dors vehicle, Value for Money.
More recently I blogged about the Sid James and Kenneth Connor comedy horror What A Carve Up! and the the Gordon Jackson drama, Floodtide. 

And last week I looked at the Carry On links with the wonderful film I'm All Right Jack

Today I'm going to blog about the 1965 musical comedy film, I've Gotta Horse.


What's it about?

Based on the Billy Fury's famous love of animals, this musical comedy portrays Billy setting out to add a sheepdog to his vast entourage of animals and coming back with an irresistible horse named Armitage instead. To his manager's horror, Billy smuggles the horse backstage during rehearsals for his big show and the horse proceeds to create havoc. Little do either of them know that Armitage is actually a thoroughbred racehorse. Then Billy's horse contracts pneumonia and Billy must choose between love of his horse and the big show.

Who's in it?

Singer Billy Fury is the star of the film, then at the height of his fame. The film also features different bands from the era including The Bachelors and The Gamblers. Reliable comedy character actors such as Fred Emney, Leslie Dwyer, Marjorie Rhodes and Bill Fraser also add valuable support.


Carry On Faces?

Following on from her starring role in Carry On Cleo the year before, Amanda Barrie plays the role of Jo, Billy's love interest. Carry On Nurse guest star, British film legend Michael Medwin also stars as Billy's agent, Hymie Campbell. 

There is also a guest starring role for Carry On cameo player and future Doctor Who Jon Pertwee, here playing a Costumier's Assistant. And regular Carry On supporting actor Peter Gilmore pops up as Jock. Finally, watch out for Ann Lancaster as a shopkeeper. Ann went on to play the featured role of Miss Armitage in Carry On Again Doctor. 

Did you know?

The film features Fury's own race horse, Anselmo, and several of his own dogs.


This 1965 U.K release was filmed on location at Great Yarmouth where Fury had just finished his summer season at the Royal Aquarium Theatre which was used as the theatre in the film, with shooting also taking place at Shepperton Studios. 

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