Wednesday 30 May 2018

An Update on Whatever Happened to Valerie Shute

With thanks to Joe D'Souza-Eva for leaving a comment on the blog, I've managed to find out a little more information on the whereabouts of the Carry On supporting actress Valerie Shute. 

In September last year I wrote a blog about Valerie's life and career which you can read that here and it seems she's been quite busy recently with a new theatre production. Valerie, now under the name of Hall (her husband was the writer Willis Hall), is living in London although her project at Christmas last year was at Birmingham City University's Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. Valerie wrote a brand new full-length festive musical called The Last Christmas Tree.

And it was a bit of a family affair it seems. The musical features pieces written by her step-grandson Joel Hall, who has studied at the Conservatoire. The article also provides some interesting information on some of Valerie's future projects, including adapting one of her late husband's radio plays into a stage play with songs. This project will see her collaborate with Joel once again.

Back in the day, Valerie appeared in five Carry Ons. Her debut was in Carry On Camping in 1968, playing one of Barbara Windsor's fellow Chayste Place girls. Further appearances including Again Doctor the year later, the role of the girl lover in Carry On Loving, a small part in Henry and finally, the cameo of Miss Smethurst opposite Terry Scott in Carry On Matron. 

It's great to hear more about some of the more elusive Carry On faces who are still out there leading interesting, creative lives. I wish both Valerie and Joel all the best with their future endeavours. You can read the full article here and it even features a lovely photo of Valerie as she is today.

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  1. I was just wondering are you still in contact at all with Valerie Hall was Shute?.I was a friend of her husband Willis.