Friday 11 May 2018

Liz Fraser: Confessions of a Carry On Girl

In this, the 60th year of Carry On, one of the series best loved actresses, the fantastic Liz Fraser will be in conversation with comedy historian Robert Ross on Monday 16th July at the Museum of Comedy.

Liz is a British acting legend with a career spanning seven decades and the very best of theatre, film and telly. She has worked with them all, from Sid James and Kenneth Williams to Tony Hancock, Jimmy Edwards, Margaret Rutherford and Alastair Sim. We celebrate Liz regularly on this blog as a cherished part of early Carry On successes. She added real screen presence to three early Carry Ons - Regardless, Cruising and Cabby before returning for a role in Carry On Behind in 1975. 

Some of my own favourites of Liz's performances over the years have included stand out roles in the Miss Marple drama Nemesis, hilariously flirting with Martin Shaw's Ray Doyle in The Professionals and my favourite of all her films - opposite Sid James and Ian Carmichael in the classic and underestimated comedy Double Bunk. 

A lifelong friend to the late, great Joan Sims, Liz is always good value, speaks her mind and doesn't suffer fools! I can't wait to hear what she's got to say about her life, her illustrious career and her wonderful co-stars and friends.

Liz Fraser: Confessions of Carry On Girl will take place on Monday 16th July at the Museum of Comedy in London. It kicks off at 7pm and runs for 75 minutes. You can buy tickets here


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