Monday 15 October 2018

Three Classic Comedies tomorrow on Talking Pictures TV

Talking Pictures TV are showing three classic British comedy films back to back tomorrow morning. First up is the 1956 film Sailor Beware, starring Peggy Mount, Ronald Lewis and Gordon Jackson. This is followed up by a rather bizarre little curio, Cuckoo Patrol from 1967 and then bringing up the rear the 1964 canal boat classic, The Bargee, featuring the likes of Ronnie Barker, Julia Foster, Miriam Karlin and Eric Sykes. 

More details below:

08.10 - Sailor Beware! (1956)

Carry On Faces: Esma Cannon, Shirley Eaton, Anthony Sagar, Fred Griffiths
Royal Navy sailor Albert Tufnell is to marry Shirley Hornett the next day. He and his best man, fellow sailor Carnoustie Bligh, travel to the Hornett household. However, Albert begins to have second thoughts when he spends the day with her family. He has no problem with her father Henry or with meek spinster aunt Edie, but her domineering mother Emma is another matter entirely. 
On the day of the wedding, Albert does not appear at the church, so the Hornetts go home. Then Albert shows up, as does the Reverend Purefoy, who was to preside over the ceremony. Albert states that he loves Shirley and wants to marry her. However, he has his doubts. Mr. Purefoy asks to speak to the couple privately. Everyone else leaves the room (but eavesdrops). Albert then explains that the unhappy example of her family life and the unilateral decision about where they were to live have made him hesitate. Henry comes in and surprisingly states that his wife has actually taken good care of him, and that he is fond of her. Upon hearing that, Emma breaks down and weeps; she tells Purefoy she wants to change her ways. Albert marries Shirley, but after they leave, Emma finds it hard to break old habits.
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09.50 - Cuckoo Patrol (1967)
Carry On Faces: Kenneth Connor, Victor Maddern, Peggy Ann Clifford 
The late Freddie Garrity (of Freddie and the Dreamers) stars in this 1967 film comedy. The film is directed by Duncan Wood who produced the likes of Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son amongst many others. A good British cast including Kenneth Connor, Victor Maddern, John Le Mesurier and Arthur Mullard tell the story of a troop of scout misfits, The Cuckoo Troop, led by Garrity on their way to scout camp and all the scrapes they stumble into!

11.25 - The Bargee (1964)
Carry On Faces: Harry H Corbett, Eric Barker, Patricia Hayes, Ronnie Brody, Brian Wilde, Ed Devereaux 
Hemel Pike is a canal barge casanova, aided and abetted by his illiterate cousin, Ronnie. Hemel has a girl in every town along his route, and each one is intent on marriage. He is finally caught when one of the girls, Christine, falls pregnant. Her protective father, a 'larger than life' character, who holds the canal record for drinking 29 pints of 'Brown & Mild' in a single session, is understandably upset by his daughter's situation…

Something for everyone there!

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