Friday 5 October 2018

Two more Carry Ons to enjoy this weekend!

Once again ITV3 and Film4 are showing one Carry On a piece this coming weekend. The early days of the film series are represented by the 1963 swashbuckler Carry On Jack on Film4 while ITV3 are going Up The Jungle with Frankie Howerd. 

So set your devices to record, sit back and enjoy some wonderfully funny films from a bygone era. More details and further reading on the two films can be found below:

Saturday 6 October, 15.10 - Carry On Up The Jungle (1970) - ITV3

Carry On Up the Jungle is the nineteenth in the series to be made, released in 1970. The film marked Frankie Howerd;s second and final appearance in the series. He stars alongside regular players Joan Sims, Sid James, Terry Scott, Bernard Bresslaw and Charles HawtreyKenneth Connor returns to the series for the first time since Carry On Cleo six years earlier and would now feature in almost every entry up to Emmannuelle  in 1978. Jacki Piper makes the first of her four appearances in the series. This movie is a send-up of the classic Tarzan films.

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Sunday 7 October, 16.55 - Carry On Jack (1963) - Film4

Probably one of my lesser favourites, this swash buckling yarn from the early 1960s marked a return to colour for the Carry Ons and also saw the films take on a period subject matter for the very first time. Until this point, every series entry had been firmly based in the present day so for the loyal cinema-going audiences this must have been quite a shock! Jack, written by Talbot Rothwell, is also fairly light both on innuendos and familiar cast members. Indeed of the regular team at this stage, only Kenneth Williams and Charles Hawtrey appear. Jim Dale, back for his second brief cameo role after Cabby earlier the same year, was yet to become a main presence however his appearance is a funny one and most welcome. Grabbing most of the action are Juliet Mills and Bernard Cribbins and very good they are too. Both new to the films, this was Juliet's only Carry On, despite appearing in two other films for Peter Rogers, Nurse On Wheels and Twice Round The Daffodils. Jack does feature some stunning actors in supporting roles, namely Donald Houston, Percy Herbert, Cecil Parker and Patrick Cargill.

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