Friday 21 August 2015

My top 3 favourite Carry On films

I recently asked all my loyal Carry On Blogging readers if anyone wanted to submit their own guest blogs. I'm delighted to say that my esteemed editor over at the Coronation Street Blog, Glenda Young, has taken up the challenge. Here is the first of two guest blogs Glenda has very kindly written for me. So it's over to Glenda for the low down on her favourite Carry On films:

I’m honoured to have been asked to write a guest blog post for the Carry On Blogging site. I’m no Carry On expert, but I know a funny film when I see one and I’ve been a fan of the Carry On films since I was a child.  Here then, are my top 3 personal favourite Carry On films of all time.

Carry on At Your Convenience

Brighton, pee-pots and pathos. What more do you want me to say? Oh, OK then. I love this film and can almost recite it word for word when it comes on the telly. It both tickles my funny bone and brings a lump to my throat over the love that could have been between Sid Plummer and Chloe Moore.  From the factory floor to the saucy seaside, I don’t think there’s a duff moment in this film, at least there isn’t for me.  My favourite bit of the film is when Sid is dressed up as the fortune teller on Brighton Pier and Miss Withering goes in there to have her fortune told along with Mr Boggs.   

Carry on Screaming!

As a young teenager I was allowed to stay up late to watch the Friday night horror film, which was never very scary. Sometimes I didn’t even watch it, I just fiddled with stuff or read my book, but it was the fact I was allowed to stay up late with the grown-ups that was the big Friday night thrill after a week at school.  I loved all those cheesy Hammer horrors, and I still do. But I adore the pastiche of them all, Carry on Screaming! There are monsters, a vamp, and two bumbling cops. Perfect in every respect.

Carry on Cruising

My third favourite film was a difficult one to choose. Third place in my poll almost went to Carry on Camping, but Cruising pipped it to the post for one reason only. And that’s because I adore the innocent and na├»ve courtship as ship’s Doctor Binn tries to woo and win Flo Castle. I want to go on that cruise ship holiday for my next holiday too.

Glenda Young
Twitter @flaming_nora

Many thanks again to Glenda for her wonderful blog. Stay tuned for Glenda's second guest blog, coming soon! 

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