Thursday, 22 December 2016

Carry On Blogging Christmas Countdown: 22 December

And so, once again December is upon us. I'll be bringing you a daily dose of festive Carry On cheer each day on the lead up to the 25th. 

So every day I will bring you another cracking Carry On photo with a festive theme. They will probably all be rather naughty, but hopefully all quite nice.

Here's the late, great Sid James giving his all in the 1970 Carry On Again Christmas Thames  Television special. Written by Talbot Rothwell and Sid Colin, it starred Sid as Long John Silver (!) It has a Robinson Crusoe feel to it and the gang gamely join in with the fun.

Although this photo of Sid is in glorious technicolour, the show actually went out in black and white. It also featured the very first Carry On appearances for both Carol Hawkins and Wendy Richard. I think Sid really looks the part here, don't you?

What a Carry On at Christmas! 

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