Sunday 18 December 2016

The Art of the Pantomime Dame with Terry Scott


Here's a lovely little film from way back in 1982, featuring the late great Terry Scott as he prepares for his role as a Pantomime Dame. Terry, a regular in panto for decades, was a notorious perfectionist when it came to his performances both on screen and stage and this video gives a precious behind the scenes look at his preparations.

It's unusual to hear Terry talking as himself as opposed to the outlandish buffoons he usually played in the likes of Terry and June and the Carry On films. He was, by all accounts, a legendary Dame and was very much into preserving the art of the tradition British panto. A workaholic, Terry would put himself through the rigorous panto schedule every festive season, even in his heyday as a top television star.

After Terry and June was axed by the BBC in 1987, Terry threw himself into his stage work with renewed gusto, working flat out on summer seasons, farces and of course, annual pantos up and down the country. Even when ill health began to take its toll on Terry, he continued with this relentless schedule, pretty much right up until the end of his life in 1994. He frequently appeared in stage productions with his television partner and crime, June Whitfield. He also reunited in several shows with his Up The Jungle love interest, Jacki Piper. Jacki has often told stories of how the very poorly Terry would spend the entire day resting only to get through each evening's performance with an incredible burst of energy.

Always a total professional, Terry Scott obviously lived for his work. I hope you enjoy this little programme.

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