Monday 12 December 2016

Carrying On with British Pathe - Hattie stirs the Christmas Pud!


Some more wonderful old British Pathe newsreel footage has appeared on the interweb and I feel that it's my duty to share some of these gems with you! Right up until the mid-1960s, British Pathe presented regular short films and features on a wide range of subjects, promoting businesses, the best of British events and updating cinema-goers on the latest news from both near and far.

A good many of these brilliant shorts featured some very familiar faces from the world of British comedy and in particular, the Carry On films. I have tracked down a fair few and plan to share them in a series of blogs. They present a fantastic glimpse back into possibly simpler times, to a Britain that probably no longer exists and gives a precious, fleeting glance at some of our comedy heroes still on duty but away from the familiarity of Pinewood.

Today we have a great clip from the 1950s showing Hattie Jacques and Harry Secombe getting stuck into a classic comedy routine as they prepare the Christmas pudding! These two old pros don't let their audience down and are obviously having terrific fun! I can only imagine that all this larking about was for a very good cause.

Both Hattie and Harry worked tirelessly for a number of charities over the years and this is just another example of them doing their bit for a good cause. It's lovely to see Hattie out and about away from the confines of Pinewood and having a good time with an old friend.

Carry On Watching!  

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  1. What joy to see Hattie and Harry hamming it up. Look how slim Hattie is. She always looked beautiful, no matter what weight she was.