Friday 3 March 2017

Bernard Bresslaw's Bottom

Yes you read that correctly, although it's not what you might think. Trawling the interweb for interesting Carry On items, I came across a vintage and rather grainy interview with Carry On great Bernard Bresslaw. The interview is from back in 1986 and sees Anne Diamond invite Bernard onto the TVAM sofa to discuss his latest theatrical engagement.

If you forgive the grainy film and slightly dodgy sound, it's well worth a little watch. It gives a great insight into Bernard away from the Carry Ons which made him so famous. Bernard didn't do a great many television interviews as far as I know so it's refreshing to see him "as himself" and not the bumbling buffoon we came to know and love in the Carry Ons. It also highlights the big change in Bernard's later career as he moved away from comedy film parts and concentrated on serious stage work.

In the 1980s, Bernard became a regular performer in Shakespeare's plays, particularly at the Open Air Theatre in London's Regents Park. Of course, several years later this would very sadly be where Bernard passed away at the young age of just 59. However he did achieve a lot of success on stage after the Carry Ons and I think he deserves a terrific amount of credit for what he achieved in his career, both with the Carry On team and beyond. 

I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse into the other side of Bernard's fascinating career.  

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