Friday 17 March 2017

Classic Comedy on the Box this weekend!


ITV are showing some classic British comedy films this weekend so I thought I'd blog what's on, where and when!

On Saturday, ITV are showing the classic Carry On Matron at 12.30pm! The last medical Carry On with a story that's part hospital romp and part comedy heist. Sid James and his gang attempt to steal a load of birth control pills from Finisham Maternity Hospital, by sending Kenneth Cope in as a nurse, in drag. Classic comedy with Hattie Jacques, Kenneth Williams and Terry Scott (in his last Carry On).

Over on ITV3, Carry On Up The Jungle will be on from 10am, so you may have catch up on one of these later! Frankie Howerd returns for his second and final guest starring turn in a Carry On film with this romp up the Amazon. Join regular team members Sid James, Joan Sims and Kenneth Connor for the usual low brow antics and delightful slapstick. Watch out for the first appearance in the series for the lovely Jacki Piper and an eye-catching turn from the statuesque Valerie Leon.


ITV3 are also showing two of the wonderful original St Trinian's films over the weekend. First up is Blue Murder at St Trinian's on Saturday morning from 8.10am! This is one of my favourite of the series and co-stars several familiar Carry On faces, including Terry Scott, Cyril Chamberlain, Judith Furse, Richard Wattis, Eric Barker, Peter Jones and even two of the school girls in Dilys Laye and Rosalind Knight.

On Sunday afternoon, ITV3 are showing The Pure Hell of St Trinian's at 11.45am. This film features more of the same and co-stars some brilliant actors who also popped up in Carry On Land - including Sid James, Liz Fraser, Cyril Chamberlain, Cecil Parker, Eric Barker and Irene Handl. 


So plenty to enjoy over the weekend! Carry On Watching!

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