Monday 6 March 2017

Poll Result: Your Favourite Frankie Howerd Film

This year marks Frankie Howerd's centenary. I am a massive Frankie fan and have been since I was a small child. I'd love him even if he hadn't guest starred in two Carry On films but the fact that he did (not to mention an excellent turn in a Christmas Special) just makes me adore him all the more.

March 2017 will see several tribute blogs from me to mark the occasion and I really think we need to make a bit of a fuss. Frankie was quite simply one of the best post-war comedians Britain produced. His life on screen and off was fascinating and his many career highs and lows make for great books and documentaries. What I love about Frankie was that he always bounced back, no matter what. He continued to do what he always did, all that changed was that society, whether it be film makers, television producers or the great British public themselves, suddenly remembered just what a talent he was and how much he could make us laugh.

This poll is for no reason other than I wanted to draw attention both to Frankie's centenary and the fact that he made several great films during his career (you'll notice I've not included The Cool Mikado...) Vote for as many films as you like and vote as often as you like. Of course I've included his two Carry On outings - Doctor and Up The Jungle but I've also drawn attention to some of his lesser known 1950s films and of course his trio of Up The...movies from the early 1970s.

Frankie was mainly known for his television shows and stand up appearances but he was also an accomplished screen actor at being, well himself. No shame in that either. He was an original, a one off and we must always remember how talented and unique he was.

So on with the results! Which film came out on top?! Well, without further ado, the winner, with 26% of the vote is Up Pompeii, that classic camp comedy from 1971. Coming a close second with 21% is the 1967 medical Carry On, Frankie's first role in the series, Carry On Doctor. And in third place with 19% of the vote was that hidden comedy horror gem, The House in Nightmare Park.

4th place went to Carry On Up The Jungle with 15%. With 9% of the vote was The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery in 5th place and coming 6th was The Ladykillers with 5%. The Runaway Bus got 4% and finally with 1% is Up The Chastity Belt. Sadly neither Up The Front nor Further Up The Creek received any votes at all!

So do you agree with the result? Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote!

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