Thursday 20 April 2017

Happy Birthday Leslie Phillips!

Today marks the inimitable Leslie Phillips' 93rd birthday! I cannot quite believe someone like the wonderful Leslie is now reaching such a grand old age. 

Sadly Leslie has not been in the greatest health in recent times but I hope he does manage to enjoy his special day. As you will all know Leslie appeared in three classic Carry Ons from the early days of the series before popping back for a cameo in Columbus in 1992. He is also well known for appearing in many other classic British films including several of the Doctor series and films co-starring with Stanley Baxter. 

More recently Leslie played opposite Peter O'Toole in a funny, moving and incredibly poignant film, Venus in 2006, yet again showing that actors we tend to place in particular pigeon holes can always surprise us with what they are capable of doing.

When Pinewood Studios celebrated its 70th anniversary, Leslie played a bit part in those celebrations, being the only actor still alive who had worked at the famous studios from the very beginning. In a career spanning seven decades, he is indeed a true legend of British film and part of our illustrious comedy heritage.

So I'll be raising a glass to our lovely Leslie today. Many Happy Returns!

Ding Dong, Carry On!

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