Wednesday 5 April 2017

The Art of Comedy with Connor and Dawson


Patsy Rowlands was once amazed to learn that Les Dawson never appeared in a Carry On film. It amazes me a little too as Les was a natural at comedy and I think he would have fitted in well with the rest of the gang. I'm a massive fan of Mr Dawson and still think he's a much missed talent. Another icon gone far too soon.

Anyway, I have come across this little gem on YouTube, from the 1970s by the looks of it. This farcical sketch may have been as close as Les came to a Carry On, as his opposite number is none other than Carry On legend Kenneth Connor. Les and Kenneth are superb together. Kenneth Connor is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated actors of his generation. Superb at comedy with a wonderful sense of timing, he put in flawless performances for decades.

I have no idea where this sketch has come from so if anyone knows or remembers it do get in touch. Kenneth is the ultimate professional throughout although it's an absolute joy to see Les crack up as the mayhem starts to ratchet up!


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  1. I heard an interview with Peter Rogers, I think on Radio 3, around 1988/89, in which he said they'd considered doing Carry On Queen Victoria, with Les in the title role!

    1. I can immediately see Les doing that! A shame it didn't happen!

  2. Hi Graeme. It's from an early addition of Sez Les (circa. 1971 I think). Kenny C was guest starring. It's a real highlight of the series. It's included in the Sez Les Vol. 1 release from Network.