Tuesday 27 June 2017

Carry On Joanie!

I'm remembering the wonderful Joan Sims today, 16 years after her sad death. I have always been a massive fan of Joan, she was my favourite of all the Carry On actors and her talent was endless. 

Here are a few clips of Joan from various sources over the years. First of all, an appearance alongside the wonderful Beryl Reid in a television special from 1968.

Joan Sims was an Essex girl, having been brought up in the station house at Laindon. She lived there with her parents until she moved to London to attend drama school. The rest is history! Here is a short piece detailing Joan's roots in Essex:

Here's a wonderful seen featuring Joan with Norman Wisdom in the film Just My Luck, released in 1957. It is typical Norman Wisdom farce and larking about but Joan is, as always, superb:

Finally for now, a musical treat. Joan released several comedy records in the early 1960s, working with George Martin. I've blogged about some of these before, but here's another one of her recordings, featuring the tracks Spring Song and Men:

So sit back and enjoy some classic Joan Sims. Carry On Joan!

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