Tuesday 20 June 2017

Carry On Laughing: Carry On Abroad


The news has been pretty bleak of late what with one thing and another. It can be difficult in troubled times to stay positive but I think if anyone is going to keep us smiling in the face of adversity it's the Carry On team. So every day this week I'm going to blog one of my favourite Carry On clips to hopefully raise the odd smile or two.

Today I've got a clip from another film in my top ten - the glorious Carry On Abroad. Probably the last film in the series to be officially termed a classic, it features a cast full of wonderful comedy actors and the very last appearance from Charles Hawtrey. The clip below is a mash up of various slapstick calamities to befall the likes of Sid James, Jimmy Logan and Peter Butterworth as they battle through the dubious pleasures of the Palace Hotel on the island of Elsbells. 

This video clip features one of my very favourite sequences from the entire series as Sid and Peter Butterworth engage in a lovely bit of business involving a balcony door. The gag is set up early on in the film and bears fruit during the big finale. it's a fairly basic scene lifted up into something special thanks to Sid's brilliant comic timing and a truly hysterical Joan Sims who's laughter goes way beyond normal performance!

More coming up tomorrow!

Carry On!

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