Monday 13 November 2017

Fenella's Memoirs Published This Week!

Details have been released of the publication of the hardback book version of Fenella Fielding's outstanding memoirs. As regular blog readers will know, Fenella has been reading excerpts from her memoirs to packed houses both at the Phoenix Artist Club and at many other venues across the country. The memoirs have already been released as an audio book, but now a print version will soon be available. Published by Peter Owen on 16th November 2017, the eve of Fenella's 90th birthday. Signed copies of this hardback book will be available via Fenella's official website.

Based on the scripts for the audio written by Fenella and Simon McKay, but with additional material:

1. New anecdotes in various places... some absolute gems.
2. A brand new chapter 'Drink, Drugs and Psychiatry'.
3. Thirty stunning photos from Fenella's personal collection.
4. An appendix of Fenella's daily appointments from 1958 to 1968, which reveal an incredible whirlwind of high profile activity.

In these pages you will fall in love with the real Fenella, whose genuine innocence in her early days in often seedy and dangerous post-war London was her best protection. You’ll learn how she crafted the career she longed for in the face of determined and sometimes cruel opposition from her parents. How she went up the ladders of fame and down the snakes of self-doubt and despair. How she learned to live with, like and sometimes loathe the famous actors, impresarios, conmen and characters of the day.

So famous in the 1960s that she was chosen by Littlewoods to hand over a cheque for a third of a million pounds to a Pools winner, by the 1970s she had one of her own cheques returned and realised she was broke.

The story nearly ended there, but talent and sheer guts pulled her though the dark times and out into the light of new-found success. In 2017 she turned 90. The star known as the 'England’s First Lady of the Double Entendre' is still seducing audiences with that unforgettable voice, her perfect timing and wicked humour never better.

The memoirs very carefully kept the authenticity of Fenella's voice throughout and even though this is the print version, Fenella's voice comes over as beautifully resonate and utterly unique as ever.

You can find out more and pre-order a signed copy here

Fenella Fielding will be at Waterstones Covent Garden on Thursday 16th November at 5:30pm to sign copies of her memoirs 'Do You Mind If I Smoke?' (published that day).

The evening will begin with a short reading from Fenella.

Fenella turns 90 the following day! Do come along, buy a book and wish her happy birthday.

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  1. Good news. The reading is now confirmed! A few bottles of wine have sneaked into the schedule too. Simon