Tuesday 14 November 2017

Who would you like to see at the London Film Fair in 2018?

Now into its 45th Year, this event is the continuation of a legacy that started back in the early seventies, and over the years have seen different names and organizers but its roots orginate from the original Collector’s Film Convention’s that were organized by Ed Mason.  Now under new management, the future of the event is secured. 

The event’s are held at London’s Central Hall Westminster, with up to 6 events a year.

The conventions presents dealers from all over the UK, Europe, US, Canada, Australia and South America that specializes in vintage and modern film memorabilia.  Items cover the history of cinema from the silents to the present day blockbusters.

The London Film Fair will appeal to avid film buffs, collectors, archivists researchers and students. A must for anyone with an interest in cinema and cult television! Plans are already underway for 2018 and organisers have asked over on Facebook who fans would like to see attend future events? So I thought I would ask you who would be on your wish list.

For me, it's obviously got to be as many Carry On actors as possible. Both Liz Fraser and Carol Hawkins have attended the Film Fair in the past but unfortunately I missed out on attending so I'd love for them both to make appearances next year. I'd also love to see the Geeson sisters reunited at a fan event - it would be great to see Judy and Sally attend together as both remain so very popular.

Another transatlantic guest I'd love to meet is German born Hollywood and Carry On Behind star Elke Sommer who is still very much around and working as a successful artist. And as it's so far a very female wish list, too more Carry On legends who could join Elke on the flight over from the States are main team player Jim Dale, last here in 2015 for his one man show and the wonderful actor Julian Holloway. 

So that's my wish list, who is on yours?

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