Friday 17 November 2017

Listen Again: Fenella on Desert Island Discs in 1967


As it's Fenella Fielding's 90th birthday today, I thought I would delve back into the Desert Island Discs archive for Fenella's show, originally recorded way back in 1967. It's now fifty years since Fenella was a castaway so what better reason to glory in the delights of her favourite records and some tales from her fascinating life and career?

This Desert Island Discs was recorded at the height of Fenella's Sixties fame with many brilliant stage performances, not to mention her starring role in the classic Carry On Screaming, behind her. Fenella is truly superb on radio, her terrific vocal talents really coming into their own. I listened to her episode yesterday, thanks to the brilliant Desert Island Discs archive, which I urge you to explore. 

I think after fifty years it's time for Fenella to make a return to the programme. As I've witnessed myself recently, Fenella is still very much a force to be reckoned with, with a great deal of energy going into her memoir shows at the Phoenix Artist Club. I would love it if Kirsty Young was to invite Fenella back to Desert Island Discs for more fun and games. 

If you agree, you can let the BBC know what you think. Their Desert Island Discs website has a page which allows you to nominate a castaway. Perhaps fan power can see Ms Fielding back on that entertaining desert island! If you want to suggest Fenella as a castaway, visit the website here 

And you can listen to Fenella's show here

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