Tuesday 24 July 2018

Fancy Being a Guest Blogger? Well Carry On...

A couple of years ago I wrote a guest blog for the wonderful History Usherette Blog which is run by @agathadascoyne . I wrote about the social history of the Carry Ons, comparing Carry On Cruising with Carry On Abroad, highlighting how Britain had changed over that ten year period. This experience got me thinking.

I love hearing from fellow Carry On fans on Twitter. Back in 2015/16 I invited some of you to be my 'Carry On Fan of the Week" answering a few questions on your own personal Carry On favourite moments, actors and films. 

If there are any keen guest bloggers out there with a Carry On related subject you are burning to write about, don't hesitate to drop me a line. I'd love to feature your thoughts on the blog. It can be as long or as short as you like and you can provide photos or I can find some for you. 

You can write about anything as long as it has a Carry On connection.

You can contact me via Twitter by direct message, by using the Contact Form on the blog or by emailing carryonfan15@gmail.com

Carry On Scribbling!

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  1. Hullo! This talk of guest blogging intrigues us/me! We're a podcast all about Ed McBain's 87th Precinct book series (www.twitter.com/hark87podcast), but somehow, as we work our way through the books (probably because we're looking at them from an English Perspective) we keep referencing the Carry On films!

    This is all, I've no doubt, to the complete bafflement of our US listeners but I thought maybe a guest blog from us might explain the reasons why we use the Carry On films as a useful historical touchstone as we talk about the contemporary histories of the books and I could expand a little on the story of when McBain and Williams were on the same episode of Wogan!

    Let me know what you think - it's an unusual cross-over topic, but it might help us to reach more listeners and help our US listeners to find out more about the Carry On films!

    Kind regard - Paul (@Hark87Podcast on everything!)