Tuesday 10 July 2018

Please Sir! The Complete Fenn Street Collection out now on DVD!

Network Distributing have released yet another brilliant DVD of classic British comedy. This new DVD collection brings together the original series of Please Sir! as well as the marvellous big screen spin off film from 1971 and the television spin offs - The Fenn Street Gang and Bowler.

One of television's all-time-great sitcoms, Please Sir! stars John Alderton as Bernard Hedges, a newly qualified teacher thrown in at the deep end when he is assigned to sort out an unruly class of teenagers at Fenn Street Secondary Modern School. Helped (and sometimes hindered) by his fellow teachers, he has to combat the wiles of the devious school caretaker as well as the full might of class 5C!

Created by comedy giants John Esmonde and Bob Larbey, who would go on to further success with Get Some In!The Good Life and Ever Decreasing Circles, this collection contains:

Please Sir!: all 55 episodes of the original series
Please Sir!: the 1971 feature film
The Fenn Street Gang: all 47 episodes of the Please Sir! sequel
Bowler: all 13 episodes of the Fenn Street Gang spin-off

The original series of Please Sir! stars John Alderton, Joan Sanderson, Noel Howlett and the brilliant Deryck Guyler, perhaps best known for his long running role as Corky Turnbull in Sykes. Deryck also took small roles in Carry On Doctor, Nurse On Wheels and The Big Job.

The feature film of Please Sir! stars the same line up with the addition of Carry On fan favourite Patsy Rowlands in the role of domestic science teacher Miss Angela Cutforth and future Carry On Abroad and Behind star Carol Hawkins, who had taken over the role of pupil Sharon Eversleigh.

The Fenn Street Gang followed the misadventures of 5C once they'd left school for the big wide world of work. It starred the same cast of characters as before, played by David Barry, Peter Cleall, Liz Gebhardt, Malcolm McFee and Carol Hawkins. 

Bowler focusses on Stanley Bowler, an East End criminal newly released from prison. The series also stars Renny Lister as Doreen Bowler - Renny is of course married to the actor Kenneth Cope, star of Carry On At Your Convenience and Carry On Matron. 

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