Thursday 26 July 2018

Fenella Fielding stars in new TV Series

I spotted this little snippet of news quite by accident the other day. It looks as if acting legend Fenella Fielding has recently been filming for a brand new television comedy series. Entitled  Conditions, the interweb confirms Fenella will be credited in several episodes of the series playing the role of Mother.

Created by Chas Burns, Conditions tells the story of a group of people who escape from a remote residential home. The series is billed as a comedy drama thriller which is quite a mix! 

Aside from that, I know very little about this intriguing new production. Apparently filming will be completed this year for a release in 2019 although I'm not sure which channel it will air on. No matter, any production featuring the gorgeous Fenella is surely worth a watch? 

It's been a big twelve months for the Carry On Screaming legend. Not only has she rather unbelievably celebrated her 90th birthday, Fenella has also released her incredible autobiography Do You Mind if I Smoke? both in hard copy and as an audio book. And Fenella continues to perform excerpts as only she could in her celebrated live shows. More information on all of that can be found on Fenella's official website here

And any further updates on this new television series will of course by reported here on the blog.

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