Friday 18 September 2015

Carrying On...On Radio 4

I was lucky enough to track down an appearance by two fabulous Carry On ladies on BBC Radio 4 earlier today. The gorgeous Amanda Barrie and Sheila Hancock popped up in the wonderful Women's Hour this afternoon.

Sheila and Amanda joined Dame Jacqueline Wilson, Dame Jenni Murray and Shirley Hughes on Women's Hour to discuss women over the age of seventy. I think you'll agree Amanda and Sheila are excellent, vibrant examples of older women. As I blogged earlier this week, Amanda has just turned 80. Sheila meanwhile is now 82. Both facts astonish me! 

Anyway, it's a fantastically entertaining listen and among the fashion tips we find out why Amanda always has turned up collars! 

You can listen to them here - they appear about twenty minutes in.

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