Monday 21 September 2015

Carrying On Blogging!

After five months and over three hundred blogs I've decided to take a week or two off! When I first started this blog back at the end of March I had no idea how it would go or indeed if anyone would actually read my digital scribblings.

I love writing about the Carry Ons and their stars and I also adore hearing from people who love them too. I really enjoy interacting with fans of the series on Facebook, Twitter and here on the blog. I think my enthusiasm has got the better of me as somehow I've managed to blog every day for the past five months! I think I need to take a break to recharge my blogging batteries.

Fear not though, I will continue to tweet over at @CarryOnJoan during my short sabbatical. While I take some time off, I thought I would re-post my original count down of my top ten favourite Carry Ons from earlier this year. It was a real labour of love at the time so I think it deserves a second outing!

In the meantime, Carry On Tweeting! 

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