Tuesday 1 September 2015

Sally's Head and Shoulders above the rest...

We all know Sally Geeson from her two Carry On appearances as well as six years starring as Sid James' daughter in the wonderful sitcom Bless This House. However, before going on to success in these two series, Sally worked in a myriad of other projects.

She appeared in the horror film, The Cry of the Banshee, opposite Vincent Price, the swinging sixties flick What's Good For The Goose with Norman Wisdom and television series such as The Fenn Street Gang, Z Cars, Softly Softly and The Strange Report. However, Sally also made appearances in television adverts and a wonderful example has turned up on YouTube.

i love finding gems on YouTube, it's amazing what's out there. Here is a classic example of 1960s advertising, with Sally playing a young girl whose life is improved immeasurably by a quick shower and a bottle of Head and Shoulders. Oh those long ago innocent days... 

You can check out the video here 

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