Wednesday 9 September 2015

Carry On Fan of the Week: Amanda!

It's time for another Carry On Blogging fan of the week. This week Amanda tells us why she loves Sid, Fenella and the classic, Carry On Screaming!

What was the first Carry On film you ever saw?

Couldn’t honestly say, my early childhood was a blur of Carry on at your Convenience, Camping, Girls, Screaming and Abroad.

Who is your favourite Carry On actor and why?

Sid James, a man who continues to make me laugh with jokes and facial expressions I’ve heard and seen more times than is healthy! Nobody says “Cor Blimey” like Sid.

Who is your favourite Carry On actress and why?

Fenella Fielding. She’s so beautiful , mysterious, glamorous and funny. The red dress in Carry on Screaming is as iconic as Marilyn Monroe’s white dress from the Seven Year Itch.

Who is your favourite Carry On supporting actor?

I really love John Clive, Jimmy Logan and the beautiful Valerie Leon.

Have you ever visited any Carry On film locations?

No but I plan to. I want to find Hocombe Woods.

Have you ever met any Carry On actors?

No :(

Do you have any Carry On memorabilia?

No, sadly not. But I wish I had Fenella’s red dress and Harry H. Corbett’s pipe and shape-shifting wig and feet.

Finally, what's your all time favourite Carry On film?

I love so many but it has to be Carry on Screaming. The first time I saw it as a child I was as terrified as I was amused. Top scary moments were Oddbod walking above Dan Dan’s glass ceiling, the fate of Dan Dan himself :( and regenerated murderous Rubbatiti. I blame the creepy musical score!

Even though Sid James holds a very special place in my heart, Harry H. Corbett is fantastic, he brings a real pathos to the role and has a shyness and sadness that isn’t typical Sid behaviour. The fact he’s know as Sidney Bung and not Sid is very telling of their differing acting styles. I love Harry’s world weary tone of voice, Joan’s tight lipped grimace and the shrill pitch of her voice. I don’t think this film could be bettered but just out of curiosity I would love to see what Sid would have made of it, it would be such a different film.

The scenes between Joan Sims and Harry H. Corbett are the best. Especially when he comes home late (again) having taken the potion “Isn’t it about time you got your hair cut??”

Carry on Screaming quotes pop into my head all the time. On the very rare occasion that I hear anyone use the expression “ at loggerheads” I have to stop myself from saying “No this is Bide-a-wee. Loggerheads is just down the road”. Perfect.

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