Wednesday 6 April 2016

Carry On Faces of 1978

This is part of a new series of blogs on Carry On Blogging. I plan to blog each year of Carry On, featuring photos of the most prolific actors for each year. Hopefully it will provide an interesting overview of the changing face of Carry On during the series' original mammoth twenty year run. 

It will turn the spotlight on the familiar faces who endured over the decades as well as those artists who came and went along the way. We are continuing today with 1978. No original feature film was produced in 1977, instead the cinema going public were treated to a compilation film, That's Carry On, featuring linking scenes with Kenneth Williams and Barbara Windsor. Only one film was produced this year, Carry On Emmannuelle. This was the last original film to be produced before the twenty year run of Carry Ons came to a close. It would be fourteen years before another Carry On would be produced, the infamous Columbus in 1992.

Pictured above we have the most prolific actors to appear in 1978. They are as follows: Kenneth Williams as Emile Prevert; Suzanne Danielle as Emannuelle Prevert; Kenneth Connor pictured above as Leyland; Joan Sims as Mrs Dangle; Jack Douglas as Lyons; Peter Butterworth pictured as Richmond; Beryl Reid as Mrs Valentine; Larry Dann as Theodore Valentine and finally, Eric Barker as the Ancient General.

Of those featured above, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Connor and Eric Barker were original cast members from the very first film, Carry On Sergeant in 1958. Carry On Emmannuelle proved the last gasp of the original run of films. It attempted a new style and failed dramatically at the box office. It featured more regular actors than the previous film, Carry On England, but none of them feel particularly comfortable with the material.

Suzanne Danielle joined the team for her only role in the series. Despite being just 21 at the time, she turns in an assured performance in what must have been a challenging role. Eric Barker, an original cast member from Sergeant, returns to the Carry Ons having last appeared in Spying back in 1964. Larry Dann also returns to the series for his four featured role. He had previously appeared as a school boy in Carry On Teacher, then supporting turns in Behind and England. Legendary comedy actress Beryl Reid provides some great scenes in a brief cameo as Mrs Valentine.

This brings this series of blogs to an end. I hope you have enjoyed my run through the most popular Carry On actors for each year of the original run of films. I think it certainly shows the changing face of the series and provides an interesting summary of Carry On actors over the years.

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