Saturday 30 April 2016

What a Carry On at the London Film Convention!


The London Film Convention is now in its 43rd year. My attention has been drawn to this by one of my lovely Twitter followers (thanks Michael!) The Convention gives fans of classic film and television a chance to meet stars, have photos taken with them and go home with an autograph as a lovely memento.

The next Convention is due to take place on Saturday 21st May and although it's early days, there have already been some guests announced with strong Carry On connections! Leading the field is that legend of classic British comedy, Liz Fraser. Liz has been acting on stage and screen for decades and is a real favourite of mine. She tells it as it is, doesn't mince her words and has a delightful sense of humour! We know her best from her gloriously glamorous turns in four Carry Ons - as Delia King in Regardless, Glad Trimble in Cruising, Sally in Cabby and finally Sylvia Ramsden in Behind. 


Joining LIz is another class act of British film comedy - Fenella Fielding. Fenella appeared in two Carry Ons, first of all as Penny Panting (!) opposite Kenneth Connor in Carry On Regardless and then several years later in her most iconic role as Valeria Watt in Carry On Screaming. I have been fortunate enough to meet Fenella before and she is an absolute delight.

Another delightful Carry On leading lady in attendance will be Jacki Piper. A real fans favourite, Jacki starred in four of the Carry Ons produced in the early 1970s. She first appeared in the series as June in Up The Jungle before returning for further adventures in Loving, as Sally Martin; At Your Convenience as Myrtle Plummer and finally as Sister in Matron.


The final Carry On name to be announced so far is Alan Curtis. A well-known supporting actor for decades, Alan appeared in stand out cameos in two 1970s Carry Ons. He first appeared in Carry On Henry in 1970 before returning two years later to be play the Els Bells Chief of Police in the classic Carry On Abroad. 

There are more names to be announced soon so keep your eyes peeled for further announcements!  

The London Film Convention will be taking place on Saturday 21st May, between 10am-4pm at Central Hall, Westminster, in Central London. You can find out more about the Convention by visiting their website

If you attend this event please do get in touch and let me know how it went and who you met!

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