Wednesday 20 April 2016

Victoria and Joan


In 1989 Victoria Wood cast Joan Sims in one episode of her television series, Victoria Wood Presents. The play, Val de Ree, focused on Victoria and her friend Jackie (Celia Imrie) who were on a walking holiday on the moors. Joan played a rather formidable, eccentric and fairly bonkers hostel owner and the whole half hour is a delight.

Joan, who can also be seen in the audience of Victoria's 1980s An Audience With for LWT, was a self-declared fan of Ms Wood and found it a thrill to work with the young comedienne. I should imagine it was also a thrill for Wood to work with an equally talented, intelligent and unassuming performer as Joan Sims. 

Victoria referenced the Carry On films in several of her productions, whether it be DInnerladies or Victoria Wood Presents and I hold her comedy in extremely high regard, right up there with the Carry Ons. I like to think Victoria had a soft spot for our favourite British comedy film series. 

The supremely talented Victoria Wood died today. I am still in shock that the world has been robbed of such a wonderfully gifted woman. I still can't believe our Joan has gone either. They had much in common and I am sure Victoria's legacy of laughs and brilliant performances will keep her long in our memories, just as Joan's has done.

Thanks for all the laughs. 

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