Sunday 12 August 2018

Listen Again: Carry On Britain!

With thanks to a couple of lovely followers on Twitter for alerting me to this. Back in 2008 BBC Radio 4 broadcast this hour long documentary looking at the success of the Carry On films as they celebrated their 50th anniversary. And here we are already, ten years later!

Anyway, it's a really interesting programme, presented by Carolyn Quinn. As well as celebrating the very best of British comedy, Carry On Britain also asks what the success of the films says about British society during their lifetime, from the late1950s until the 1970s. In many ways the changes in the films can reflect changes in British society at the time and as an amateur historian, I find this fascinating. 

Carolyn is joined by a range of top quality Carry On interviewees. These include original Carry On scriptwriter, Norman Hudis and some of the actors who made the Carry Ons so special: Dame June Whitfield, Dame Barbara Windsor, Fenella Fielding and Shirley Eaton.

You can listen to this programme online here and it's available for the next 29 days.

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