Tuesday 7 August 2018

Simply Media Release "Lost" Pilots on DVD

Simply Media are delighted to be partnering with leading TV archivists Kaleidoscope (The Classic Television Organisation) to release three rare and un-transmitted programmes on DVD for the very first time, featuring some of TV's greatest icons.

Steptoe and Son: The Offer
Released on DVD 13th August 2018

Steptoe and Son began in 1962 in the UK, and has since become a national institution.

In 1965, creators Ray Galton and Alan Simpson were approached byJoseph E. Levine to make a pilot for the US. It was never optioned and a 35mm print was given to Ray Galton as a souvenir. 
That print of the US pilot lay undiscovered in Galton’s basement until Kaleidoscope discovered it during a film shoot. 

Starring Oscar-nominee Lee Tracy (The Best Man) and Golden Globe-nominee Aldo Ray (From Here to Eternity), the unseen US Steptoe and Son pilot is now available on DVD for the first time. 

Special Feature: Footage from the Kaleidoscope documentary The Native Hue of Resolution featuring Ray Galton and Tessa Le Bars.

Frankie Howerd: The Lost Television Pilots
Released on DVD 13th August 2018

A two-disc collection of rare television pilots starring revolutionary British comedian Frankie Howerd

Howerd was a huge success in Britain, but couldn't make his mark in other countries. These pilots, made in the 1970s, provide a rare insight into his work abroad.

This collection includes:Up the Convicts - Episode Three, The Gong Show – Pilot & The Frankie Howerd Show (CBC) - 2 Episode plus special feature: Collection of rare interviews with Frankie Howerd from Ryan’s Roost, The Mike Douglas Show and The Merv Grffin Show.

You can find out more about Kaleidoscope here: https://www.tvbrain.info/
And you can find out more about Simply Media here: www.simplymedia.tv

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