Friday 17 August 2018

Watch: Jack Douglas mans the pumps!

BBC South Today has a veritable treasure trove of archive material available on their website. Following on from the video clips the other day on Kenneth Williams talking about his comedy voices in 1963, Sid James' last interview, newly rediscovered and Terry Scott going to church in Bournemouth, here's some vintage footage of Jack Douglas.

Filmed in 1967, in black and white, the interview sees Jack Douglas in the region doing a stage show while also taking time to plug a forthcoming television series. The comedy schtick is rather corny - the reporter pulls into a petrol station to find Jack as the pump attendant. This allows Jack to go through an impressive range of regional accents before eventually finding it far too irresistible and going into his trademark twitch.

This was a full four years before Jack first joined the Carry On films with a bit part in Carry On Matron as a twitching father. Such was his success with the rest of the gang and possibly more importantly, producer Peter Rogers, that Jack was invited back again and again, eventually becoming a key player in the later years of our favourite film series.

You can watch the clip here

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