Friday 3 August 2018

My Carry On Blogging Cast Interviews

Following on from my recent chat with the delightful Julian Holloway earlier in the week I thought I would bring together all the interviews I've done for the blog in one place. I've had the great good fortune to speak to a wide range of actors, writers and fans over the past three and a bit years and I can't thank all those who have contributed to the blog enough for their time, energy and enthusiasm. 

I've had the pleasure of blogging interviews with quite a few actors who were directly involved in the Carry On series and here they all are for your reading pleasure:

My interview with Julian Holloway can be found here and here

My interview with Elke Sommer can be found here

My interview with Fenella Fielding is right here  

My interview with the actress and author Josephine Bailey, who appeared as a child actor in Carry On Teacher can be found here

My interview with Jacki Piper is here 

My interview with Angela Douglas can be read here 

Click here for my interview with Valerie Leon

And click here for my chat with Madeline Smith

You can read my interview with Amanda Barrie here

My interview with Patricia Franklin can be found here and here

And my interview with Robin Askwith is here and  here  

Click here for my interview with Sally Geeson

Click here and here for my interview with Hugh Futcher


And follow this link here for my interview with Christine Ozanne

And last but certainly not least, my interview with Anita Harris is here

My thanks once again to everyone who has taken time to speak to me. It's been an absolute treat. 

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