Saturday 1 September 2018

Anita's Masterchef Masterclass

Although not a natural lover of all things 'reality television' I did tune in to watch Anita Harris on Celebrity Masterchef last night. To be fair, Anita was the only celebrity taking part that I could recognise. 

Anita did herself proud though, and although perhaps not the most gifted cook in the competition, she did impress the judges and her fellow competitors with her vim, vigour, energy and enthusiasm. Having had the good fortune to meet Anita in person at the London Film Convention a few years back, this is exactly how I found her to be and she's just a joy. Having appeared in Last Laugh in Vegas for ITV earlier in the year and with an upcoming appearance in an episode of Midsomer Murders, it's good to see Anita as busy as ever.

What struck me about Anita's most recent telly appearance was not the amount of publicity she received, but the fact that most of it revolved around her age. While all the comments were generally positive, on Twitter and in the press, most people were aghast that Anita could be in her mid-70s, look so good and be so active. I nearly tweeted out a couple of those articles from the press but thought the better of it.

Yes Anita is glamorous, she looks great and she's 76. So what? It is possible to be of an age and still vibrant, talented and busy. I wonder if the same headlines would be written about a 76 year old male competitor? 

Anita has never stopped working and constantly tours the country in solo shows, theatre productions and varieties but it's really good to see her back on screen. I hope we see much more of her in the years to come.

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